Plastic Surgery in Vienna

For me, plastic surgery is the constant obligation to strive for formal, functional and aesthetic perfection. I take these principles as seriously in my cosmetic surgery as I do in my reconstructive surgery. Medical factors must set clear priorities in both these areas of plastic surgery.
Safety is my top priority in the selection of framework conditions. As a consequence, not only the creation of an adequate operation plan, but also the preparation for the operation and the support during and afterwards, with all the facets of aftercare, is a road travelled jointly with the patient.
After decades of working as an academic teacher and researcher, scientific access to all aspects of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery also continues to be my obligation now in my work with private patients, but without losing sight of the human being as a whole in the relationship between patient and doctor."



Based on his many years of research into and personal clinical experience with function-preserving or function-restoring operations for facial paralysis, Professor Frey has established the International Center for Facial Nerve Surgery to continue making his outstanding expert knowledge available to patients after leaving the Medical University of Vienna.
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