Breast & Trunk

In this region the breast is the most frequent wish for operation, either as reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy or as breast augmentation. Extensive research work in this field during my carrier led to the development and publication of an own new technique for reduction mammoplasty. The advantage of this personal technique lies in a prolonged persistence of the new position and form of the operated breast. Similar to the procedure of mastopexy abdominoplasty is performed to get rid of the excess and laxity of skin and the abdominal wall most often caused by pregnancies. Liposuction might be necessary to reduce locally augmented fat tissues. Actually there is an increase of the incidence in operations to adapt the enlarged skin envelope after excessive body weight loss, most often after adipositas surgery. Then abdominoplasty is usually not enough and a whole body lifting involving the whole trunk or additional skin reductions at the arms or legs are necessary.
Description of Operations