Upper Arm Lift

The increasing loss of elasticity in the skin and connective tissue with advancing age or an excessive weight reduction can cause the resulting surplus skin to hang down loosely at the inside of the upper arms. As this situation can neither be changed by special diets nor physical activity corrective surgery remains the only expedient option.

The lifting of the upper arms is achieved by removing excess skin between the armpit to the elbow, with the resulting scars relatively well-concealed at the inside of the upper arms. Additional liposuction in the vicinity of the operated area is only rarely required to create a harmonious contour of the upper arm through to the lower arm. An elastic arm bandage needs to be worn for two to three weeks after the operation.

This procedure is mostly performed under general anaesthesia. It is important to markedly reduce mechanical strain during the healing process in the first two to three weeks to avoid the risk of a wound healing disorder.