Buttock Lift

The buttocks can start to go limp and saggy, losing their natural contours, as a consequence of more extensive reductions in weight, or owing to the age-related loss of elasticity in the skin and connective tissues. It is not uncommon for this process to affect various body regions in parallel, for example the thighs.

The buttock lift operation calls for general anaesthesia and an in-patient stay. The operated area can not be put under strain by sitting for approximately 14 days, and a marked reduction in physical activity is unavoidable. In this procedure, the local fat tissue is first fastened down with retention stitches, and excess skin is sometimes deeply anchored to provide the infragluteal fold with a better definition. A liposuction technique is occasionally applied to harmonize the transitions at the sides. Exposure to water is possible again ca. 14 days after the operation and elastic compression trousers must be worn for eight weeks.