Thigh Lift

Extensive weight reduction or an age-related loss of skin elasticity can lead to unsightly, loose excess skin at the insides of the thighs that can neither be remedied by physical activity nor by dietetic measures. It is not uncommon for this problem to be attended by fat pads at the outside of the thighs and/or inside of the knees.

Thigh lift surgery calls general anaesthesia and is as a minimum performed by means of a crescent-shaped incision reaching from the groin across the crotch area through to the infragluteal fold. In pronounced cases, another incision needs to be placed at the inside of the thigh to achieve the necessary reduction in its circumference with sufficient effect. Fat pads at the outside of the thighs are preferably to be corrected before a thigh lift by means of liposuction in a separate operation. Minor contour adjustments by liposuction can meanwhile also be included in the same operation. The post-operative swelling is advantageously counteracted by wearing optimally fitted compression trousers reaching below the knees for six weeks.