Forehead Lift

The forehead lift or upper facelift tightens the skin in the forehead region, eliminates deep forehead wrinkles by weakening the forehead musculature, and returns lowered eyebrows to their original position. A tired or grim appearance is replaced by a fresher facial expression with a more open gaze. What needs to be considered in the process is the reciprocal effect between the position of the eyebrows and excess skin at the upper eyelids. In some cases, the positive impact of the forehead lift on the upper eyelids will suffice on its own, while supplementary corrective surgery of the latter will be required in others.

The application of endoscopic surgery techniques has brought a marked improvement, especially where forehead lifts are concerned: three short, vertical incisions in the hairline permit the forehead skin to be tightened, the eyebrows to be lifted, and deep forehead wrinkles to be eliminated from the inside by weakening the forehead's musculature. Only if the forehead is too high will skin also need to be removed along its hairline.

The soft pressure bandage covers the forehead region down to the eyebrows. The eyelid area will often also be affected by bruises and swelling, which will have been largely reabsorbed after two weeks, however, by which time presentability is potentially restored if they are covered up with a little make-up.