Otoplasty (Corrective surgery of the ear)

Protruding ears are provided from birth and can already lead to teasing of small children. If the protrusion is correspondingly pronounced, otoplasty is hence meaningful before a child reaches school age and will require general anaesthesia and a short in-patient stay. From an age of ca. 11 - 12 years, the surgery can by all means be performed on an out-patient basis with local anaesthesia, given the corresponding personal motivation.

Corrective surgery of the outer ear usually concerns misalignment. In the technique applied by me, the auricular cartilage is exposed by way of a concealed incision at the back of the external ear and reduced or adjusted as required to remedy the cause of the misalignment, with the final fastening sutures only applied from the back. This technique is aimed at creating a harmoniously shaped, natural cartilage bulge at the front, and at preventing the edges of the cartilage from becoming unnaturally visible. Besides their alignment, the correction occasionally also concerns the size of the ears or earlobes, or an adjustment of a cup-shaped outer ear. An exact, well-padded head bandage is of great importance for one week to maintain the achieved ear shape. The sutures are removed ca. 10 days after the operation, after which the hair can also be washed again. The operation area is protected by a headband that is particularly worn at night for another three weeks.